Kane Officially Wins Knox County Mayoral Primary


Glenn Jacobs (aka Kane) will officially be the Republican nominee and is the overwhelming favorite to become the next mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

Jacobs ended election night with a 17-vote lead and added to that margin when election officials decided on 43 provisional ballots on Thursday. Jacobs picked up seven votes, Brad Anders, who came in second place, added one vote to his total, and third-place finisher Bob Thomas gained four votes. The rest of the ballots were ruled ineligible, though two of them could still be counted if voters show photo identification today.

Voters not having a record of registration, not having photo IDs, and problems with the electronic voting system were the reasons cited for the provisional ballots.

Anders congratulated Jacobs on his victory today.

Jacobs tweeted about his win and thanked his competitors:

The general election will be taking place on August 2nd, with Jacobs expected to defeat Democrat Linda Haney.

Jacobs hasn’t been on WWE television since appearing in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 34. He was originally slated for the Greatest Royal Rumble but instead made his final push in campaigning for the primary.