WWE TV Producer Blamed For Focusing On “Fat Owens Fat” Sign On Raw

Kevin Owens

Did Kevin Dunn reveal his true colors this week on Raw when he focused upon a “Fat Owens Fat” sign for a long time during Kevin Owens’ ring entrance?

A big controversy online last week was the fallout from Randy Orton apparently being scripted to fat shame Owens on Raw. During the opening segment of the show, Orton offhandedly asked Owens whether he had put on weight lately. If viewers didn’t get the message, Orton also later in the show motioned towards Owens in a manner that suggested that he had a fat belly. It had been reported earlier that there was an anti-Owens school of thought within WWE who wanted to see him fail as a top star to prove themselves right and no-one had denied that Dunn was a vocal member of that camp.

The story on social media became that WWE’s Executive Vice President of Television Production was responsible for scripting the on-screen shots aimed at Owens’ physique, which led to his name trending in a derogatory fashion on Twitter (#FireKevinDunn). Shortly thereafter, Bryan Alvarez claimed on Figure Four Daily that a WWE source of his had told him that neither Dunn nor Vince McMahon was the individual responsible for making whatever call it was to have Orton make a comment on Raw about Owens recently putting weight on. Meltzer also corroborated on Wrestling Observer Radio that Dunn wasn’t to blame for the scripted remark.

This week arguably saw Dunn reveal his true colors as he decided to focus upon a “Fat Owens Fat” sign for a long time during Owens’ ring entrance on Raw — he teamed with Sheamus to take on Orton and Cesaro. Meltzer confirmed on Wrestling Observer Radio that Dunn is indeed responsible for deciding what camera shots are shown on the show, so he would be the one to blame for the decision to make sure the viewers at home saw that unflattering sign. Meltzer went on to joke about getting Dunn trending on Twitter again for something he was actually to blame for this time.