Kevin Owens Talks WWE SummerSlam Tag Team Match, Video Games, Being on the RAW Brand

Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens recently spoke with IGN to promote the WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view and WWE 2K17. The full interview is at this link and below are highlights:

IGN: This is now the second time you’ve been in a WWE 2K game. Is it still surreal? Have you had a chance to play it?

Kevin Owens: I really don’t have much time to play video games, and I really haven’t gotten to play 2K17 yet. But just seeing it was really cool. What I noticed was that by the time 2K16 came out, I’d been called up and was on the main roster, but the Kevin Owens they had in 2K16 was kind of like the NXT Kevin Owens. But I just saw what they had going for 2K17 and it’s got my main roster gear and main roster look. So it’s awesome to see.

I mean, I’m in a video game and my son gets to play it. That’s the coolest part for me. I might not have the time to play it but he gets to play it. He loves it. He plays as me for the first few weeks and then he moves on to cooler guys. [laughs]

IGN: At, SummerSlam, you’re teaming with Chris Jericho to take on Enzo and Cass. You’re all great on the mic. Do you expect some time for promos?

Owens: I really don’t know how it’s gonna go. I’d be shocked if, at some point, there’s not a microphone in the ring. It’s very exciting though. You know, Chris Jericho is someone I’ve looked up to for years. Enzo and Cass are guys who when they were in NXT I sort of gravitated towards because they were my kind of guys. Now, at SummerSlam, it’s going to be a very interesting mix in there and I’m excited for how it’s going to turn out.

IGN: What was it like going through the brand split and being part of RAW?

Owens: We had no idea beforehand where we’d wind up, but yeah I wanted to be on RAW so I was pretty pumped that I landed there. I was a little upset with how far into the show I got drafted. That’s as real as it gets. I spoke from the heart when all that happened, but RAW’s where I wanted to be so I’m happy.

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