Kurt Angle On Why Jason Jordan Was Chosen To Be His Son Instead Of Chad Gable

Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan

Shortly after Kurt Angle returned to WWE earlier this year as the General Manager of Monday Night Raw, a big storyline kicked off focusing on a secret that Kurt was hiding. Eventually, it was revealed that Kurt had an illegitimate son who turned out to be Jason Jordan, and some fans feel that the reveal was a letdown.

Prior to Kurt’s WWE return, fans had been hoping to see Kurt work with American Alpha and possibly form a new Team Angle. After the big reveal, some wondered why Chad Gable wasn’t chosen for the role of Angle’s son as fans often like to compare the two former Olympians.

During a recent interview with Fox Sports Australia (HT: GiveMeSport), Angle opened up about the big reveal and he said that Jordan needed the rub a little more than Gable did.

“Gable reminds a lot of people of me,” Angle said. “They’re both great talents, and the one who needed a bit more help and a bit of a rub was Jason. He is a little timid … but in the ring, he’s an animal. The entertainment factor — he might need a little more help. I think they made the right call because they both are going to be huge stars.”

Ironically enough, Gable is now currently teaming with former Team Angle member Shelton Benjamin on SmackDown LIVE.