Kurt Angle Teases Upcoming WWE Return

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle recently spoke regarding a potential return to WWE. Kurt was featured on Mark Madden’s Pittsburgh-based radio program on Monday to promote the upcoming “Legends of Wrestling Night” sponsored by the Pittsburgh Pirates on June 22nd.

Angle claims to be on good terms with WWE and the McMahon Family, and says he sat down with both Vince McMahon and Triple H regarding his comeback about six weeks ago. He says he doesn’t have any idea what’s going to happen in terms of the brand split, noting that his involvement wouldn’t have anything to do with the supplemental draft.

Angle says that he would like to end his career with WWE, and the need to fill two rosters has given him an opportunity to make his return. Madden claims Kurt can work just as well as he did when he left in 2006, and Kurt says he’s worked a few matches since leaving TNA to ward-off any ring rust. He makes specific mention of his matchup with Zack Sabre Jr., saying that—while Sabre needs to build muscle—he’s well on his way to becoming one of the “top three talents in the world.”

Angle says that while he can probably still go as hard as he used to, he sees his future as a manager—naming American Alpha as particular favorites he’d like to represent. He says he’s heard rumblings that ‘Alpha could be en route to the main roster, and would love to work with them if given the chance.

Regarding his health, Angle says that he feels good but admits he had a severe drug problem while working for WWE. He says that he “needed to get out” and went to TNA, where he was able to rehabilitate himself to where he could continue his career. Angle says, “If you want me to have 5-star matches, I need to have time off and not be on the road a hundred days every year.” DDP credits Diamond Dallas Page and DDP Yoga with helping him to feel like himself again. He said that without his regular yoga regiment, he wouldn’t be able to wrestle at all, let alone at the level he used to.

Mark asks Kurt about Brock Lesnar’s chances in the UFC. Angle says he’s fought Brock before, and knows what the ‘Beast’ is capable of. He says that Brock was sick during his inaugural run with UFC, but now he’s healthy and he’s fighting for his pride. Angle discusses Brock’s wrestling acumen, noting that Brock could be a much better wrestler if he took the time to focus on technique. He says, “Brock learned a few good moves, and that may have limited him as an amateur wrestler.”

Madden says that MMA happened too late for Kurt Angle to jump aboard the bandwagon. Kurt says that he’s had discussions with Dana White, but both parties decided that—due to his neck issues—it would be improbable to pursue an active fighting career. Mark asks if Kurt would go to this year’s Olympics in Brazil with the Zika Virus Epidemic in full force. Kurt says that, if it was him—in 1996—he would definitely go, because the gold meant absolutely everything to him. He says, “As an athlete, winning that medal defines your whole life. I just pray everyone who goes maintains their health.”

If Kurt Angle returns to the WWE, he’ll be doing so after a ten year self-imposed exile, the result of his initial refusal to seek help for his drug addiction. Angle was signed to TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling from 2006 to 2015, leaving despite being offered a non-wrestling contract.

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