Lacey Evans Debuts New Gimmick As Part Of A New NXT Faction (Photos)

Lacey Evans

At Saturday’s NXT live event in Cocoa, Florida, Lacey Evans debuted a new gimmick that is a bit of a departure from her pin-up model persona.

The former U.S. Marine and member of the Marine Corps Special Reaction Team swapped her old look for camo-shorts, braids in her hair and a branded T-Shirt dubbing her an ‘All-American Bad Girl.’

Evans wasn’t alone as alongside Chad Lail (formerly known as Gunner in Impact Wrestling), Wesley Blake, and Steve Cutler, the group laid waste to Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe of SAnitY (Eric Young and Nikki Cross were not present).

The attack came after a match where Lail beat Dain via disqualification. Blake, Cutler, and Evans then appeared and attacked Dain and Wolfe.

Blake and Cutler have been teaming together in recent weeks under the name of “The Forgotten Sons.” With Evans and Lail joining them, it’s quite possible that they will become a faction.

It should be noted that numerous ideas and gimmicks get tested at NXT live events, so this could just be an experiment to see how they mesh with one another. It’s also possible that Evans that will revert to her usual persona or go in a different creative direction. However, if this faction makes it on television, it should be permanent.