Why The Video Uploaded On Lana’s Snapchat Account May Have Come From Her


An explicit video that appeared on Lana’s Snapchat is not of her, at least according to sources connected to the WWE Superstar.

Multiple reports surfaced yesterday that Lana’s Snapchat may have been hacked as a sex tape appeared on her feed in the morning. No faces were shown in the amateur video.

Sources close to Lana tell TMZ Sports she’s adamant she’s not in the video — and neither is her husband, Rusev. 

TMZ was also told the Snapchat account that published the video does not belong to Lana but was intentionally created to look like it does. Lana uses her real name, CJ Perry, as her display name, which is the name that appeared on the video. However, there were tons of reports on the video popping up on Lana’s feed, which seems to squash that.

There’s a female voice in the video, but as one Lana source puts it, “The voice in the clip is clearly not her.”

According to TMZ, WWE is investigating the situation. TMZ reached out to WWE for comment but have not heard back.

While there’s no way to tell if the video is of Lana, it’s quite possible that it came from her. For starters, there’s no evidence that her Snapchat was hacked. Her account is still active with no changes made to the username.

For what it’s worth, the video that got posted was listed as “from Camera Roll.” Unless Lana got hacked, the video would have come from the phone connected to her account.

The video was also quickly deleted. If her Snapchat was indeed hacked, the video probably would have stayed up longer.