Lilian Garcia Cut Her Hair

Lilian Garcia

Yep! I cut my hair! I want to thank all of you who voted.

I know it’s not always good to seek validation but I’ve realized how hard change is for me. As I approached the salon chair, endless thoughts started popping into my head like, “What if short hair doesn’t look good on me? What if people hate it? What if this turns out to be a huge mistake? What if, what if????” As quickly as I said that, I then thought, “Are you kidding? Are you really going to allow yourself to be ruled by a hairstyle?” That’s when I realized how much more I HAD to cut my hair because it represented getting over my comfort zone and trying something new!!!

I share this because I wonder how many of you out there are scared of change? How many of you immediately decide to stay in your comfort zones instead of taking the plunge and trying something new? Well now that I’m on this side of change, trust me, it was worth it! This hairstyle is representing so much for me, especially growth! Hope you all can experience the same emotions and breakthroughs I did.👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼
Change actually rules!! 🤘🏼

So go for it on this #transformationtuesday !! 🙌🏼

Thank you @kalihanaechaves for my badass liberating haircut! 💇🏼‍♀️
#haircut #newstyle #breakthrough #change #comfortzone #freedom
#trysomethingnew 😎

Lilian Garcia