Lilian Garcia Posts Update On Her WWE Status After Missing TV, Eden On Whether She Will Wrestle

Lilian Garcia

– Lilian Garcia revealed Friday that she wasn’t at WWE Payback and Raw this week due to a family emergency.

She tweeted, “Sorry 4 my silence but have been dealing w a family emergency which is why I wasn’t @ Payback & #Raw. Hope 2 be bk nxt Mon. Thks 4 tweets.”

– Eden addressed the possibility of wrestling in a Q&A on her official website this week.

Ah, the old wrassler question. I am going to say what I’ve said before which is I am a trained wrestler. I trained at both FCW and NXT. In Tampa and Orlando respectively. YES I have trained with my husband. Yes. I have wrestling boots. Yes I have more gear than some of the female wrestlers that are currently on TV (the whole “always be prepared and never look anything but the part on TV”…that’s in me). I was hired as a wrestling talent. Things went a different way. When I got hired in 2011 they were looking for different things. I was an athletic model…there were more of us than independent girls. Now that’s changed quite a bit. So maybe I don’t fit into this current crop of talent? But I never say no, because I don’t like to put my foot in my mouth. I don’t make those decisions though. We all express that and people still don’t seem to understand that a lot of things are not in our control as talent. All I can do is make suggestions and work really hard on ideas which I have done many times already. I am a jack of many trades. Someday maybe I’ll share some on camera work with you guys. But not today. So I guess, that answer will have to do for now. Check back with me in a little while though. You never know what might happen.