Lilian Garcia Shows Off Her Cast After Undergoing Knee Surgery

Lilian Garcia

WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia first revealed on her Twitter account on Friday that she was set to go under the knife.

Here’s a look at the video message she sent out to her followers that afternoon:

“It’s Friday morning and I’m getting ready to go into surgery. That’s right. I tore my meniscus in my right knee and I have to get it fixed. I wish that I could be overseas with everybody. I miss you guys terribly. I know everyone is having an amazing time. I’m going to go ahead and get this done, rehab like crazy. I’ve got my coach, Colby, that is going to help me out. So I’ll see you guys soon. Love ya.”

Garcia has been replaced by NXT ring announcer JoJo on the European tour WWE is currently embarking on. Eden will assume those duties for upcoming television tapings.

Garcia provided an update today that her surgery was successful.

She released this photo of herself on crutches and wearing a cast.