Lita Once Kicked Melina Out Of The Divas Locker Room


Getting thrown out of the locker room is not exclusive to the male performers in WWE – it sometimes (but very rarely) happens in the women’s camp, too.

Melina has a long and storied history of upsetting the apple cart backstage, including one time being taken to Wrestler’s Court during a February 2006 tour of Australia. One of the main reasons behind the initial MNM split in June 2006 was because of the heat Melina had managed to generate in both the male and female locker rooms.

Stardom, they said, had went to her head.

Apparently not learning her lesson, Melina continued to act like a prima donna when she arrived on Raw, accompanied by real-life boyfriend Johnny Nitro (also known as John Morrison). According to the Pro Wrestling Torch, Melina’s attitude was so bad and she had managed to upset so many people that she was once thrown out of the Divas locker room by Lita.

While specifics on the incident aren’t readily available, Melina must have been acting pretty bad for it to unsettle the notoriously laid-back Amy Dumas. Melina herself carried on the act with some of the Divas once she became a veteran.