Former WWE Star Marty Jannetty Says He Was Offered A Lot Of Money To Appear In Three Adult Films

Marty Jannetty

In a post last week on Facebook, former WWE Superstar Marty Jannetty claimed he was offered $150,000 to appear in three adult films.

He wrote on Tuesday:

To all my ninjas, I want y’alls advice..just got a call..$150,000 for 3 movies…porno movies..cant say the name but, they’re big company…Im thinking my bruh Snoop had something to do with this.. check this though, I’d get to tear up some beautiful b*tches, but, as my brother said, my family could see thought is, why is my family watching porno then gonna judge me? What do y’all think on that?

Jannetty did this follow-up post the next day on the matter.

Hey WOW..the support my people just showed Antoinette Garza didn’t mean any harm..she actually was concerned ..for those that didn’t see it, check the post on my wall b4 this.. but maybe it was a wake up call for me..most of y’all don’t know me, so..let me tell you this>> I’m usually just playing, .some of the stories are , wait, most of the stories, wait ALL of the stories are based on real..the talk, well, I got a lot of hood in me cause of where and how I grew up..peep on this, we, I didn’t grow up in the rich fact, had it rough cause back then in Georgia, if you lived where black lived you were considered “white trash”..and back then, neither team wanted you hated you cause you were white and white hated you cause you lived with black..some how I raised up out of took a shit load of physical pain, actually tons of blood sweat and tears.BUT I MADE on TV. .WORLDWIDE..and now, same ninja, but am loved now..all this saId just to say..dont judge what you don’t you anyway Melissa