Matt Hardy Debuts Entrance Theme At WWE Live Event At Madison Square Garden

Matt Hardy

Bray Wyatt hasn’t thrown hands with Matt Hardy since before he became “Woken,” but The Reaper of Souls’ back-and-forth with the former Raw Tag Team Champion finally turned physical.

This week on Raw, Wyatt made his way to the ring, only to be surprised when Hardy appeared behind him and attacked. Hardy narrowly missed on a Twist of Fate, but he sent The Eater of Worlds running for cover all the same.

For the first time since before he became “Woken,” Hardy competed in a match at Tuesday’s WWE live event at Madison Square Garden. For a match against Wyatt, he debuted an entrance theme similar to what he used in Impact Wrestling as “Broken” Matt Hardy. It is “Moonlight Sonata Piano Sonata No. 14” by Beethoven.

As for the match result, Hardy beat Wyatt.