Melina Tweets Some Personal Information About Former WWE Star John Morrison


Melina, who has been dating the wrestler formerly known as John Morrison on-and-off for 11 years, revealed some personal information about her longtime companion on Twitter.

Late Wednesday night on the social media platform, she revealed that Morrison (real name John Hennigan) has a prescription for Cialis, which is used to treated erectile dysfunction (trouble having an erection).

Melina tweeted this photo of what appears to be herself holding a bottle of Cialis before quickly deleting it.

She tweeted another photo of a Cialis bottle which revealed Hennigan’s home address in West Hollywood, California. It was quickly deleted as well. She then sent out this tweet.

While the tweets could be accidental, it appears more likely that Melina was purposely looking to expose Hennigan given what was revealed. She has a history of dramatic behavior and sending passive aggressive tweets about him.

Melina has indicated on social media in recent months that she is dating Hennigan. Here is a shot from earlier this month of the two walking the red carpet at the premiere of Boone: The Bounty Hunter, an action film starring Hennigan.