Mick Foley and Steve Austin Talk “Holy Foley”, Dean Ambrose, Hell In a Cell, Noelle Foley Appears

Mick Foley

– We’re live from WrestleMania 32 Axxess in Dallas with Corey Graves inside the WWE NXT ring. There’s a good sized crowd of rowdy fans. Graves introduces WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin and out he comes after the glass breaks.

Austin comments on getting into the business in Dallas and the fans start the “what!?” chants up. Austin plays along and introduces his former tag team partner, “Mick f’n Foley” and out comes WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley as fans chant his name. Fans chant “holy shit” as Austin and Foley take seats at a table in the ring. Austin wonders if you can say “holy shit” on the Stone Cold podcast and a “yes!” chant starts up. Foley does his usual “cheap pop” gimmick after Austin formally welcomes him to the podcast. Austin says WrestleMania 32 Week is kicking in hardcore and he’s happy to be here. Austin thanks the international fans and the local fans for showing up.

Foley talks about getting a look at a young Steve Austin and Foley knew he had the “it” factor and would be something one day. Austin asks someone in the back to turn his earpiece down, saying it’s too loud and the voices are blowing him out. Austin says Foley looked good coming down the ramp and asks if he has lost weight. Austin says Foley came by his house a while back and was tired, beat up looking but looks like a million bucks now. Foley says he’s down 50 pounds and gives a shout-out to Diamond Dallas Page for DDP Yoga. He also mentions eating better. Foley says he was told there was no hope for him in regards to his spine. He started working 5 months ago and started making progress. He’s been incorporating swimming and DDP Yoga. He says he’s never been a big weights or gym guy. Foley says he’s the lightest he’s been since wrestling Randy Orton at Backlash 2004.

Austin talks about how they stayed in cheap hotels on the road. He says Foley is one of the cheapest guys in the business but so is he. Foley talks about how he saved money and talks about how he and Owen Hart had a contest to see who could make a $20 bill last longer. He says Owen tapped out around the 20 week mark. Foley talks about becoming Cactus Jack and his early days in wrestling. They also talk about Foley competing in death matches in Japan. One of his proudest moments in his career was a brutal match he was paid $300 for. Foley says he later realized some of the things he did weren’t a good idea. Foley wants to talk about Dean Ambrose and the crowd pops. Austin agrees but has one more question about almost getting blown up by C4 for $300, asking how his wife coped with that. Foley says it was more like $400 per day. His wife was already used to some of the bad phone calls after getting the one from Germany where he lost his ear. Austin brings up the “Holy Foley” WWE Network show and Foley introduces his daughter and co-host Noelle Foley, who comes out to a good reaction.

Noelle says she’s doing good. Austin has known her since she was a baby and says here she is now. He says she’s beautiful and jokes how he wouldn’t guess she was Mick’s daughter. She later reveals that she’s training to be a WWE Diva and Foley has a hand in her training. Austin asks about Foley being on the road and asks if she’s ready for that. She says he did good for being gone as much as he was and brought them on the road some. She says Foley made up for missing some of her milestone events and did her best. Foley says Noelle has done a lot of thinking about this and wrestling is a big part of her life. The WWE Network show starts filming in a few weeks. Austin asks if they’re ready for the cameras to come into their home and Noelle says they’re ready to show the real them. She says they’re like a weird-normal. They’re a normal average family but they have a weird dad, they make weird noises and talk weird. Austin asks if they’re all as frugal as Mick. She says she is. She’s a shopaholic but she goes for the best deals. Austin thanks her for coming and wishes her good luck on her in-ring career. Noelle thanks Austin and plugs “Holy Foley” one more time before she leaves.

Austin asks about the Mankind character and how it was born. Foley talks about his first WWE meeting at headquarters in Stamford. The Network freezes for the third time tonight and I miss the story but Foley says Vince McMahon wanted to cover his face when he brought him in, so that led to the Mankind mask. Austin talks about how Vince didn’t like Foley’s work style and didn’t want him in WWE but Jim Ross lobbied for him. Foley says when he attacked The Undertaker after his debut, his whole life changed and he had Taker in his corner from then on. He says Vince went against his better judgment, took a chance and went with what JR and The Undertaker thought. They talk about Foley’s various characters. Foley talks about watching the first Hell In a Cell with Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker while preparing for his match. Terry Funk advised him to start the match on top of the Cell and it clicked for Foley. Austin asks about the big bump from the Cell and how he prepared for it. Foley talks about how when he got up there he thought it was the worst idea he had. He had no idea things would get worse for him that night after the big bump but they did. Foley says he hugged Pat Patterson, who had a personal tragedy, flashed a bloody smile to a younger Stephanie McMahon, then went back out to interfere in Austin’s match. Austin shows us a clip of Foley limping to the Cell during his match with Kane. Foley says he didn’t remember any of that.

Austin brings up Dean Ambrose and his WrestleMania 32 No Holds Barred Match against Brock Lesnar. Foley says he always told Vince if he came back, he wanted the return to have force behind it. He thought when he came back in October 2014 for the Ambrose – Seth Rollins segment, that it had force. When he was asked to come back for the recent RAW segment with Ambrose, he knew his job was to portray Ambrose the best way he could. He says Ambrose really liked the line about Foley being Foley and Ambrose being Ambrose. He was glad they did the segment live because he could hear the audience respond before Ambrose’s response. Foley says they finished the promo and he had a distinct feeling that something very important just happened. He feels like that backstage promo was one of the most important things he’s done. He says no one should ever look at a backstage promo as a throw-away. Austin says Ambrose has his work cut out for him on Sunday and starts talking about the WWE Hall of Fame. Austin praises The Fabulous Freebirds and asks Foley for a story on them or Stan Hansen. Foley confirms Buddy Roberts Jr. will be inducting his dad. He says Michael “PS” Hayes is one of the mos influential guys in the business and he couldn’t speak more highly of him. Hansen had such an impact on Foley in Japan that he almost named his son Dewey after him. Stan’s influence and the way he was with family led to Foley starting a family with his wife. Austin asks what Foley is looking for at WrestleMania on Sunday. Foley says everyone has the same goal and if someone is not there to steal the show, they’re in the wrong business. Foley brings up WWE Divas Champion Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch as a potential show-stealer and they get pops. He says we will look back at that match as the day women’s wrestling finally arrived. He also talks about WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens, Zack Ryder and the Ladder Match. They talk more about WrestleMania and Foley gives a Vince McMahon impression to plug WrestleMania. Austin plugs the big show and thanks everyone before signing off and getting a big “hell yeah!” from the crowd.

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