Is Mickie James Nervous About Her Match Against Asuka? (Video)

As Mickie James heads to the Air Canada Centre for NXT TakeOver: Toronto, she explains her feelings about returning to WWE and facing NXT Women’s Champion Asuka.

James also explained her feelings about tonight’s match on Instagram.

Hey gang, I’m sitting here in my hotel in Toronto getting ready for tonight. It airs on the WWE network live so if you haven’t yet be sure to subscribe ASAP! I promise you don’t want to miss this. I can’t explain to you how excited I am to be a part of NXT Takeover. More importantly for the opportunity to come back HOME. It feels so great knowing I’ll be in a WWE ring again. It’s been too long. So long that I had just about given up. But your response has been overwhelming already that it’s brought tears to my eyes & I know the best is yet to come.

I just wanted to take the time right now to thank all of you for your continued support. Whether it’s the amazing changes in my personal life, wrestling, music, and beyond, I always know that my fans will be there for me. I’m not sure what the future may bring, but knowing you are there to support me means more than you will ever know or words could begin to describe. I love you all!

Tonight I fight for more than just the NXT Womens Championship. Tonight I fight for my family sitting at home and who’ve always been my number 1 fans from the beginning. I fight for my Son Donovan, I hope I make you proud boo! I fight for my husband who’s always so proud of me and wants this for me just as much as I do. I fight for every Momma out there who has been told that the YOU have to give up your dreams and aspirations after you have a baby! These are the best years of our lives! I fight for all the little girls who have a dream that seems unreachable… & who still lives inside of me. I promise you it’s not! Just believe in you and work hard everyday! But most of all I fight for each and every one of you who have always been by my fighting side through it all. The good, the bad, and ugly. Without you I wouldn’t be here… I wouldn’t be HOME!
So regardless of how this night ends. I will be eternally grateful for all of this. Forever your champion. ❤️ Mickie L James-Aldis