Mickie James On Returning To WWE, Which Diva She’d Like To Work With, Global Force Wrestling

Mickie James

Mickie James, the only woman to hold the WWE Women’s Championship, WWE Divas Championship, and TNA Knockouts Championship, joined the TJRWrestling Podcast to talk about her career, upcoming appearances with Global Force Wrestling and more. Highlights from the interview, which is available here, are as follows:

WWE’s Divas Revolution: “It’s pretty awesome. What a great thing for women’s wrestling altogether. There are so many great women out there all across the world, so they are getting more recognized for their work because of WWE bringing more awareness for awesome women’s wrestling. It translates down the line.”

WWE Divas she would like to wrestle: “It’s really hard to say. I’ve said Sasha Banks on Twitter before because she’s awesome. I think she’s a star. She’s got it! She can walk, she can talk, she can work . . . she’s really good. I think Ashley Flair (Charlotte) — love her as a person and I think she’s doing awesome — I’m so proud of her. I’d love to work with Paige . . . I think that would be fun. I just love working. I just love wrestling and I know what I would like to do with each person in terms of the story and match perspective.”

Returning to WWE: “I’d love to go back there again because I loved my time there. I think the answer is always the same, but the ball isn’t really in your court. I’ve been able to leave my mark there and I’m happy and grateful for that. Of course I would go back if they asked me.”

Her involvement with Global Force Wrestling: “I think what GFW is doing is cool and unique. They’re taking some of the talent you’ve seen elsewhere or haven’t had a chance to see before because there’s so much talent everywhere. Jeff Jarrett’s got a lot of love for the business and he’s a smart man. He knows what he’s doing. I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve had fun at the shows that I’ve done and I’m excited to do these UK shows next week because they’re going to be in front of awesome crowds.”