Bubba Ray Dudley Wants Velvet Sky In WWE

Velvet Sky

While getting ready for his latest shot at the WWE Tag Team Championship held by The New Day, Bubba Ray Dudley chatted with Scott Fishman of Channel Guide Magazine about his return to WWE and a few other topics.

In comparing this run to their previous times with the company, Bubba says that he’s not bothered by restrictions the WWE’s TV-PG rating brings to their performance:

Whether we are in a PG era or a rated-X era or Attitude Era, it’s all good.

You play the hand you are dealt in wrestling — that’s one of the things myself and D-Von pride ourselves on. Whatever hands we are dealt we are going to play it to the best of our abilities. So if we are going out there and being ‘PG’ is what we need to do, that’s fine.

We don’t own the company. Vince [McMahon] owns the company, and if he wants the company to be PG, that’s fine. We’ll be PG. It’s pretty simple.

One element of “The Attitude Era” that fans enjoyed about their gimmick was the time when Stacy Keibler was paired with them as the Duchess of Dudleyville. When he was asked by Fishman if we’d ever see another woman in the Dudleyz, Bubba was quick to lobby for someone close to his heart.

It’s no secret that me and Velvet Sky are together. If you go on Twitter, I think the entire Twitter-verse would like to see that.

She is probably the most over female wrestler out there that has never been in WWE. She looks phenomenal. I think the fans and the WWE Universe would love to see her in a WWE ring.

Who knows? Maybe it will happen one day.

Check out the interview here for more on how his comeback happened, what he’s like as a wrestling coach at his Florida-based Team 3D Academy, and more.