Mike & Maria Kanellis On His Addiction Issues, Becoming Parents, More (Video)

Mike and Maria Kanellis

We noted back in August how Mike Kanellis revealed on social media that he was celebrating 2 months clean from prescription painkillers. Above is a new video of Renee Young talking to Mike and wife Maria Kanellis about his addiction, recovery, expecting their first child next year and more. Below are highlights:

* Mike says he kept the problem hidden from his wife, family and friends. The addiction haunted him for almost 3 years but it really started to spiral out of control in the last year and a half. Mike says he almost lost everything but finally decided he couldn’t keep hurting his wife or himself, and he was going to get his life back

* When the August 15th social media post was made, he had already decided to get clean and take his life back. The “getting on the wagon” photo was his way of making Maria laugh during one of the most difficult times in their lives

* Mike recalled a dislocated kneecap injury suffered 4 years ago. His doctor prescribed him painkillers to get through the pain while he did rehab and the problem wasn’t that bad then but he suffered a rib injury right before going on a tour of Japan. He needed the money from the tour, so he went to his doctor and was prescribed something stronger to get through the tour. Kanellis had a lot of downtime after the tour and that’s when his use progressed. He commented on how he knew he had a problem but he didn’t want anyone to think of him that way. Maria said people have this idea of what an addict looks like, and people were surprised that he had a problem, including her family, because he didn’t look like something was wrong

* Mike said he doesn’t like keeping secrets but he felt that was his only option and he hated it. He knew he had to change and be held accountable. Mike felt like if he could show people that addiction could affect him, someone no one would expect, it felt like the right thing to do, to give people in a similar situation a voice. Maria commented on kicking herself for not picking up on the signs, such as Mike being exhausted when he woke up in the morning. Mike said irritability was the biggest thing. Maria said he turned into a hermit and didn’t want to do anything. She thought it was her and she drove herself nuts knowing something was wrong, but being unable to find it

* Mike said addiction has taught him a few things – to never underestimate the power and impact of the people around you, to never undervalue your influence on them. Renee asked what the reception has been since they went public with the addiction problems. Mike said people have tweeted him about how his post started a similar conversation with their significant others. Mike said the best part to him has been how other people are dealing with their problems because of his post. He called it overwhelming

* Mike said he lost sight of a lot of things during his addiction, like their marriage, but luckily Maria never took their eyes off their relationship

* Mike said he’s finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel, something that seemed so far out of reach one year ago. He’s not alone and knows he never was but now it’s up to him to help other people see the same light. Renee asked if there’s anything wants to say to others that might be in a similar position or know someone in a similar position. Mike said for him, it’s OK to talk to someone about the problem and if you think you have a problem, you probably do. He commented on how so many people can overcome addiction and he just wants them to know that

* Regarding their first child due in the spring of 2018, Mike said his 2017 went from starting the year to knowing he had a problem and destroying his life, to achieving his dream job that he worked 16 years for and finally coming clean after a year of ups & downs. Maria said she truly believes that God never puts anything in your path that you can’t handle, and the universe only gives you challenges that you can fight through… and that’s what they will continue doing. Mike said since they announced the pregnancy, a lot of co-workers have talked to him about how parenthood is the most wonderful thing they’ve experienced in their entire lives. He’s not sure what to expect but he’s really excited

Mike & Maria also took to Instagram and wrote the following after the video was released:

I can’t thank @wwe enough for all their support and allowing me to share my story. If you are fighting, let me be your voice 🙏🏻 #sdlive #wwe #poweroflove #redemptiontour #sobriety @mariakanellis

This is LIFE…. #poweroflove #roadtoredemption #MMwonderland Watch this video about Mike’s recovery and our journey to being parents!!

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