New Matches Booked for Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt, The Rock on Possibly Doing Fast 8, Attendance

Roman Reigns

– Below are recent WWE attendance figures:

* April 15th in Hamburg, Germany drew 9,500 fans (John Cena tour)
* April 16th in Toulouse, France drew 4000 fans (without John Cena and Rusev)
* April 16th in Budapest, Hungary drew 8,500 fans (Roman Reigns tour with Cena and Rusev)
* April 17th in Antwerp, Belgium drew 4,000 fans (Cena and Rusev back on the tour)
* April 17th in Dortmund, Germany drew 8,000 fans (Roman Reigns tour)
* April 18th in Zurich, Switzerland drew 4,000 fans (John Cena tour)
* April 18th in Nurnberg, Germany drew a sellout of 7,000 fans (Roman Reigns tour)
* April 18th in Jacksonville, FL for NXT drew 150 fans
* April 20th in Albany, NY for RAW drew 6,800 fans

– With Furious 7 bringing in over $1 billion worldwide, The Rock recently spoke to Access Hollywood about possibly bringing back Hobbs for part 8:

“Vin and I were talking the other day and we think the best thing [is] to probably create a little bit of space. Let’s let people enjoy ‘Furious 7,’ and we’ll see. It would be a great challenge to do ‘Fast 8.’ But we’re up for the challenge if we decide to go down that road. I love the franchise. I have a blast doing that franchise. The character, the fun – the fun I have is off the charts.”

– Roman Reigns vs. Kane and Ryback vs. Bray Wyatt are new matches booked for upcoming WWE live events in May. As noted, WWE is planning for Ryback to be the mystery Superstar Wyatt has been referring to in his recent promos.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter