Nikki Bella Hoping For New Competition From NXT Women, Ryback Talks Tough Enough

Nikki Bella

– Tonight at Elimination Chamber, Nikki Bella will defend the Divas Championship against Naomi and Paige in a Triple Threat Match. Prior to the event, she posted a message on Instagram saying she hopes to continue her reign as Divas Champion and face some new competition from the women of NXT. Nikki stated:

“As I say good bye to wine country and hello to Texas I feel revived and refreshed. Today I will prepare and get into my zone as I take on two opponents at the Elimination Chamber tomorrow on the WWE Network. Almost 200 days as your Divas Champion. I hope to continue that reign, continue to make my reign and the Divas Division better. Wish I could put this title on the line every week to a new opponent. I hope to get new competition in our Divas Division soon with NXT Women on the rise,” Bella stated.

“The future looks promising. Looks competitive. Looks tough. So happy to be apart of it. So happy for the challenges. 9 years in July I have been wrestling. There’s nothing like being passionate about your craft. 9 years into it I am still trying to be better and better. Never settle. Always strive to be the best you… Even when you feel like you are there… Keep striving… There’s always something you can work on. Stay Fearless. Love!”

– Ryback, who competed on the fourth season of Tough Enough in 2004, recalled his experience competing on the show in this interview published on

“Tough Enough was my introduction into the world of WWE. Looking back, I was 22 years old, just a guy who played baseball and football my entire life, and was a fan of WWE from the age of 5 years old. Going into Tough Enough and into a WWE ring, I thought I was prepared, and I found out I had no clue, essentially,” Ryback said.

Ryback offers the following advice to the contestants who join this season’s cast.

“I’ve seen guys who spent their entire lives in the military, who are considered “tough guys,” quit after two days. I’ve seen guys come from a mixed martial arts background quit after just a few days. It takes a special mindset, and you have to have a love and a passion for WWE. As long as you respect it when you step in the ring, you’ll be all right. It’s the guys who don’t who fall off,” said Ryback.