Nikki Bella On Planning A Wedding With John Cena’s Busy Schedule, New Total Divas Cast Members

Nikki Bella

Ahead of this Wednesday’s Season 2 premiere of Total Bellas on E!, Nikki Bella spoke to TV Insider about what you can expect on the show this season, planning a wedding with John Cena’s busy schedule, the new members of the Total Divas cast, and more.

What’s coming in the second season of Total Bellas:

“There is even footage off cell phones this season because you are going to get so much up-close and personal with my engagement, Brie in labor. That is nuts. I think there are a lot of situations that happen in Total Bellas this season that everyone relates to, like my brother and his wife separating for a bit and the reasons why. I think a lot of people are going to sit on the couch, and whether they are with their girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, friend—everyone has got something to relate to here.”

Planning a wedding with John Cena’s busy schedule:

“It’s tough. We have not planned a lot, but at least we know our date. I also have my dress. Those two important things.”

Helping with the new additions to Total Divas (Alexa Bliss, Carmella, and Nia Jax):

“I definitely had a lot of input being an executive producer, and those three girls I got to spend a lot of time with, especially with Alexa and Carmella on SmackDown Live. Being around them and seeing how they are and seeing their presence in the ring, I thought that these girls are money. I knew we had to get them in here. I have also hung out with Nia a lot, and she is amazing. One, she is hilarious. Also, her strength and what she represents is amazing. And you are going to see that a lot on Season 7 of Total Divas. They are just amazing women.”

You can read the entire interview here.