Nikki Bella Shoots Down Reports About Her, Denies That Her Breakup With John Cena Is ‘A Work’

John Cena and Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella announced her split with John Cena in April, and rumors have been flying ever since about the reasons behind their breakup as well as speculation that they are already back together.

According to Nikki, however, the reports are incorrect. On Tuesday, she used her joint Twitter account with sister Brie to slam the ‘sources’ discussing her private life with the media.

“The lies… damn can make a girl want to hide… these articles are so incorrect,” Nikki wrote. “One day I would love to meet these ‘sources.’ N.”

She further proved her point while replying to a fan on Monday who claimed the pair’s breakup is ‘a work’ to get people to watch Total Bellas.

“Actually it wasn’t,” Nikki wrote. “Stop believing everything on the internet. I just can’t with all of these fake articles and tweets. So unreal.”

It seems that Nikki is referring to an article from PEOPLE earlier this week in which a ‘source’ is cited, who claims that Nikki and Cena are ‘basically back together.’

“This was never really about ending their relationship — it was about calling off a wedding because something didn’t feel right,” the ‘source’ told PEOPLE. “It was a wedding that was entered into under false pretenses. She was pretending she was okay with not having a kid, he was pretending he absolutely couldn’t and wouldn’t budge on that point.”

The ‘source’ added, “They both got a wake-up call once they canceled the wedding, and they both realized they could fix what was broken.”