Paige and Lana Squash Their Beef

Paige and Charlotte

Following last night’s SmackDown taping in Tampa, Florida, Paige tweeted a photo of herself kissing Lana.

This deliberate public expression is perhaps linked to a report that Lana still has heat in the WWE locker room. It appears she did this to show that things aren’t as bad as being reported.

Lana had previously garnered significant heat in the locker room after calling Paige a bully in November. Clearly from this photo, both women have now moved on from that incident.

Still, just because Paige is fine with Lana, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t lingering heat in the locker room. The way WWE booked her to be humiliated by The Rock is evidence that members of management are still mad at her. Whenever they’re mad with a talent behind the scenes, they often take out their frustration on that individual by embarrassing him or her on television.

The Rusev engagement debacle definitely angered Vince McMahon, and Dave Meltzer claimed after Raw on his radio show that she’s got heat for something she said recently. What exactly she said is unknown, but it does seem like she’s a magnet for controversy.