Paige Wants To Become A Manager


Paige is unsure of her future role in WWE but she would like to work as a manager at ringside.

Citing medical reasons, Paige made the difficult decision to retire from in-ring competition during the April 9, 2018, edition of Raw. Paige didn’t stay away from the ring for long, accepting Shane McMahon’s offer to become SmackDown LIVE’s General Manager just 24 hours after announcing her retirement. Paige remained in the position through December. On the December 17 episode of Raw, the McMahon family announced they are taking charge. The following night on SmackDown LIVE, Shane McMahon relieved Paige of her duties and said, “She’s not going anywhere, just the role has changed.”

Since the announcement, Paige has been kept off WWE television. Her preference now would be to act as a manager, for either a man or woman.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Paige said, “I’d love to be a manager for somebody. I don’t know who put that’s something I’d love to do so I’ll put that out there in the universe.

“I just want to be part of the company. I love this company and I love to talk a lot so give me a microphone and I’ll give it a good old-fashioned try.

“I loved being general manager and it was a surprise to me (to stop that) but WWE evolves all the time and you have to evolve and deal with it.”

During an interview on January 25 at Royal Rumble Axxess, Paige reiterated that she has no plans to come out of retirement.

“Mine is all spinal, it’s kind of like Edge or Stone Cold,” Paige said. “It’s spinal stenosis. There is no way I can get back in the ring. But never say never.”

She added, “Maybe in about 40 years time, but I don’t think you’re going to want to see like a 60-odd-year-old girl in the ring, you know?”