Backstage News On Why Paul Heyman Might Be Done With WWE

Paul Heyman

When WWE announced all the Superstars eligible for the Draft that took place Tuesday night in Worcester, Massachusetts, managers were listed alongside the talent they are aligned with. That includes the likes of Lana being paired with Rusev and Maryse being paired with The Miz.

It was interesting, then, that Paul Heyman was not listed next to Brock Lesnar.

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter released on Wednesday, Heyman’s contract with WWE has expired.

“It was notable that unlike other wrestler/manager combinations, Lesnar was not listed with Paul Heyman. Heyman’s contract with WWE has expired and at this point the sides haven’t come to an agreement for a renewal, so he was never mentioned as coming to Raw with Lesnar,” Meltzer stated in the Observer.

Heyman has been frustrated over his status in WWE since his contract did not include a downside guarantee and he only got paid when he appeared on television. He was used so rarely that he has threatened to not re-sign when his contract came up.

One storyline Heyman pitched was coming in as the mastermind behind AJ Styles turning on John Cena and being the mouthpiece for “The Phenomenal One,” Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. While there preliminary effort to come up with ideas that could be paired with Heyman, Vince McMahon wasn’t high on the idea of pairing him with The Club.

For what it’s worth, McMahon has joked that he finds Heyman more tolerable in small doses.

WWE still has Heyman listed as a current Superstar on its official website.