Fight Backstage At SmackDown On Tuesday Was A “One-Sided Destruction”


There was a fight between Simon Gotch and Sin Cara on Tuesday at the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts, where SmackDown Live was held.

According to Mike Johnson of, who broke the story, he confirmed with multiple sources in WWE that the fight took place in the catering room. Johnson, however, has not yet learned what sparked the altercation.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter published on Wednesday, Dave Meltzer said it was a “one-sided destruction” in favor of Sin Cara.

There was a fight, if that could even be the term, at catering before Smackdown on 7/19 involving Gotch and Sin Cara. It was said to be a quick and one-sided destruction in favor of Sin Cara. We still don’t have word how it started and escalated into what it turned into

They won’t be in contact with each other too much in the foreseeable future since Sin Cara was drafted to Raw, while Gotch was selected by SmackDown along with tag team partner Aiden English.