Pete Gas on Shane McMahon’s WWE Return, Growing Up Knowing The McMahons, The Mean Street Posse

Pete Gas

– Rolling Stone recently spoke with former WWE star Pete Gas of Shane McMahon’s “Mean Street Posse” group. The full interview is at this link. Below are highlights:

His reaction when Shane returned on RAW:

I think I was like everyone in that arena and around the world: shocked. I had no idea that was about to happen, even though I had talked to Shane. He hadn’t mentioned it at all. It was a long time coming for me. I always felt that Shane should have never left, but that’s his own decision. It was electric. When I spoke to him the following day, I told him that I always knew he’d get an amazing reception if he ever came back. But even I couldn’t imagine it being as great as that was. It was really special.

Growing up knowing the McMahon family:

It was never dull. I’ve never once had a bad time with Shane. There was always something interesting going on. We always had a good time, whether it was hanging out at the house or going out to a bar, or whatever we did. It was always about having fun and enjoying life. He keeps you entertained, that’s for sure.

Rodney and Shane went to a different junior high school than I did. High school started in tenth grade here, so that’s when we met. We were all on the football team together. Shane and I both played offensive line and Rodney was the fullback. Vince would try to make as many of the games as he possibly could. I remember actually seeing him before high school, when I’d play against Rodney and Shane in junior high, and going “Wow, that’s Vince McMahon.”

When we got to high school, I would see much more of him, not only at games, but when we hung at Shane’s house. The one thing about the whole family is that they’re the greatest people you could ever meet, and I’m not just saying that because I’m friends with Shane. They really are great-hearted people. With all the money that they have, you would never know it. They’re so down-to-earth. Not snobs at all. Mrs. McMahon used to cook for us. Vince would hang out and watch football with us. Even Stephanie, she was a few years younger than us, she used to hang out with us. She was just one of the guys.

If we might see The Posse at WrestleMania 32:

I’m honestly not sure. I haven’t heard anything yet, but Shane knows that all he has to do is call, and I’ll be there in a heartbeat.

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