Reby Hardy Blasts Impact Wrestling Management In Twitter Rant, Says The Company Has Threatened To Sue The Hardy Family

Reby Sky

Matt Hardy and the rest of his Broken family are now free of the clutches of Impact Wrestling‘s talons. Hardy has filed for a trademark on his characters, which he created, but it now appears there might be a whole new bad blood feud brewing between the Hardys and Impact Wrestling.

During Thursday night’s episode of IMPACT! Wrestling, the TNA Tag Championship belts were “teleported” to Abyss and Crazzy Steve. Matt Hardy had some kayfabe fun on Twitter during the episode, and also had some words of encouragement and solidarity for the people still on the Impact Wrestling roster.

In response, Anthem’s Executive Vice President Ed Nordholm tweeted some mutual respect to Matt on Friday morning.

A few hours later, all hell broke loose as Matt Hardy’s wife Reby began a tweetstorm directed at Nordholm, Jeff Jarrett, and all the rest of those in charge of the new regime over at Impact Wrestling.