Rey Mysterio Reportedly Injured During Match On Friday Night

Rey Mysterio

With rumors swirling that Rey Mysterio is on his way back to WWE, the legendary wrestler is reportedly injured.

According to a report tonight by Dave Meltzer of, Mysterio is believed to have torn his left biceps during a tag team match on Friday night in Waterbury, Connecticut for Northeast Wrestling.

Meltzer doesn’t know the injury’s extent other than Mysterio believes he tore the muscle during the match, where he teamed with Flip Gordon against Joey Mercury and Caleb Konley. According to those who saw Mysterio backstage after the bout, there was heavy swelling in his left arm.

As the match was going, Mysterio notified Mercury about the injury. Mercury was ready to call an audible on the finish, but Mysterio immediately set up a double 619 on his opponents before pinning Konley with a splash off the top rope.