Update On Road Dogg, Behind The Scenes Video Of WWE Money in the Bank, How Old Is Natalya?

Road Dogg

— One item which came out among the many reports of backstage chaos at WrestleMania 35 involved Brian G. James (aka Road Dogg) stepping down as the co-lead writer of SmackDown LIVE. Reports varied on whether it was a planned, mutually decided on move or due to James’ frustration with things like scripts being re-written at the last minute.

Either way, there’s an update on what James is doing now. According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, James is now working full-time with NXT out of the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Johnson pointed out a brief appearance by James during the WWE PC Combine 2019 special that aired yesterday on the WWE Network.

Johnson has yet to confirm James’ official role and title.

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— Natalya celebrates her birthday today as “The Queen of Harts” turns 37 years old.