Roman Reigns’ Father on His Son Winning the WWE World Title, Possibly Returning to WWE TV, More

Roman Reigns

– WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns and his family got some media from to promote the WWE live event in Mobile, Alabama this weekend. The Anoa’i family has history with the Gulf Coast region and still works with indies today.

Reigns’ father Sika, who helps his son Matt (Rosey) run Epic Championship Wrestling in Florida, will be at the WWE live event to watch Reigns in action. He commented on his youngest son being the WWE World Heavyweight Champion:

“I feel good about that. I’m very happy and proud. (The WWE) has been testing him. I felt good, relieved and proud. I say he earned that. They didn’t just give it to him. All of these fans and people of Pensacola, they all stand by him.”

Sika also commented on more Anoa’i family members coming up into pro wrestling:

“I think we create more talent in the wrestling ring and bring in more superstars into the world of wrestling today. We still have more coming up.”

Sika isn’t ruling out a return to WWE TV either. The former Wild Samoan commented on possibly getting involved in the Reigns vs. McMahon family storyline:

“I’m waiting for Vince McMahon to say, ‘Come up.’ The way his daughter is slapping my son, well, that’s what I’m going to do to him. I want him to know that this Samoan shotgun will put him down. All he has to do is make the time.”

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