Roman Reigns – “I’m Not John Cena”

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has hit back at critics who have suggested he’s a John Cena clone.

Certain sections of the WWE Universe see The Big Dog as the successor to Cena as the face of the company, but during an interview with CraveOnline, Reigns claimed that isn’t going to be the case.

“I’m not John Cena. I want to be Roman Reigns,” he said. “I want to do things my way.”

“I’m not John Cena. In my 30 years, I’ve never been John Cena. I don’t even think about becoming him. I just want to be. I want to be Roman Reigns. I want to do things my way. I think that’s why I’m in the deep water with Vince McMahon and The Authority.”

There’s little doubting that Reigns is ‘the chosen one’ in the eyes of Vince McMahon, who has made the former Shield member his top priority after failing to get the likes of Lex Luger and other creations of his own doing, over in the past.

This extra attention hasn’t added any extra pressure onto the shoulders of Reigns though, who feels he’s nothing more than a member of a team.

“I think there is pressure in anything we do in life. As a man, I feel pressure to provide and create a lifestyle and a future for my family. When it comes to representing the WWE, I don’t like calling myself the “face of WWE” because we have so many faces and so many superstars. We are a team, we’re a roster and we’re a locker room.”

“It absolutely takes every man to make this ship sail. At the end of the day, all I can be is me.”

As for working with McMahon on television, Reigns said, “”It’s cool. It’s totally different. It’s totally different than being in there conversing with any other superstar or any ‘bad guy.’ He is probably going to be the best ‘bad guy’ of all-time. He’s as good as it gets when it comes to being a jerk. It was an absolute pleasure just to be able to tell my grandkids, ‘Yep. I Superman Punched Vince McMahon right in the face twice.’ You can put that on my mantle.”