Ronda Rousey Wrestles At WWE Live Event In Philadelphia (Photos and Video)

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey was more ready than Nia Jax gave her credit for when it came to the various rules and quirks of WWE-style competition. She was ready for the headbutts, ready for the slams, ready for all of it. But neither woman was ready for a Money in the Bank cash-in, and instead, it was Alexa Bliss, not Nia or Ronda, who left WWE Money in the Bank last month as Raw Women’s Champion just 90 minutes after winning the contract.

The following night on Raw, Rousey took her frustrations out on Bliss and Raw General Manager Kurt Angle. Rousey went on a tear after Bliss called her an overhyped rookie, destroying the Raw Women’s Championship, Angle and a number of other officials who tried to break up the altercation. The segment ended with Rousey putting Bliss through a table that was set up in the ring for Alexa’s coronation.

WWE promptly suspended Rousey for 30 days following the attack, but that won’t keep her from Extreme Rules since she’s only suspended from Monday Night Raw. Rousey announced on Monday that she’ll be sitting ringside at the pay-per-view event with a personally-bought ticket. It was then announced on Raw that Bliss’ Raw Women’s Title rematch against Jax at the same event would be an Extreme Rules Match. With Rousey sitting at ringside, you can bet that she’ll somehow get involved.

Rousey’s suspension also doesn’t apply to house shows. One night after being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, Rousey appeared at WWE’s live event at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This is the same place where Rousey made her official WWE debut back in January at the Royal Rumble.

Bliss was supposed to serve as the special guest referee for a match between Rousey and Jax, but she had Mickie James take over her duties. James attacked Rousey during the match and Rousey retaliated with the dreaded Armbar. Jax then hit Rousey with a leg drop to end the attack. As Jax tried to pin Rousey, Bliss attacked Jax. Bliss and James then began double-teaming Jax, but she was able to overcome the tandem and lay them out.

A regular WWE referee then took over and Rousey ultimately made Jax tap to the Armbar to score the win.

WWE’s explanation for Rousey appearing at the show despite serving a 30-day suspension is that she’s “contractually obligated.”

According to, Rousey is barred from Monday Night Raw until Wednesday, July 18 — three days after Extreme Rules. Therefore, she would be eligible to appear on Raw again on Monday, July 23.