Rosa Mendes Considered A Laughingstock Within WWE

Rosa Mendes

A veteran of WWE’s Divas Division since December 2008, Rosa Mendes may finally be getting her big break after being cast on the new season of the hit E! reality series Total Divas. To be frank, it is amazing that she’s managed to remain gainfully employed as long as she while possessing minimal talent. This is something that has long been questioned by WWE; it’s also the sentiment among many of her WWE co-workers.

According to a backstage source within WWE, the 34-year-old is seen as a “laughingstock” by both male and female talent in WWE for a variety of reasons.

Many of her peers have the opinion that she can’t wrestle, cut a decent promo or entertain.

Rosa has had sexual relationships with at least seven or eight wrestlers (which are known).

Rosa has managed to stay employed for as long as she has because Michael Hayes, who has stroke within WWE, “can’t get enough of her.”

Since Rosa possesses no major qualities that threaten other Divas, the Canadian native is tolerated because of the fact she is no real threat to their position in WWE. It pretty much goes without saying that won’t be capturing the Divas Championship any time soon.

Now that Rosa is on Total Divas, her WWE career should be safe until at least 2015. Whether it is or not truly is up in the air, but as long as Total Divas continues to air, it is highly unlikely that anyone will be wished well in their future endeavors (unless something major materializes).