Rosa Mendes

Rosa Mendes

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Rosa Mendes

Rosa Mendes Appears Topless In Total Divas Trailer
August 26, 2014 – E! Online released a trailer previewing the third season of Total Divas premiering Sunday, September 7, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. ET/8:00 p.m. CT and there is a scene where Rosa Mendes appears nude in front of Natalya (her considerably large breasts are pixelated). The video was quickly pulled, but uploaded again a short while later. While the clip remained, Mendes’ breasts were more pixelated.

The trailer teased a few storylines, including Nikki Bella revealing she can’t imagine life without having children after John Cena informs her that he doesn’t want to get married or have kids, Cameron being at risk of being released from her contract WWE, and Summer Rae and Natalya getting in another fight.

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Rosa Mendes

Are There Nude Photos Of Rosa Mendes?: Although Rosa Mendes has yet to pose completely nude, she has suffered numerous wardrobe malfunctions over the course of her career in WWE which resulted in the exposure of her private parts.

In June 2011 at a SmackDown! taping in Roanoke, Virginia, Rosa had a wardrobe malfunction while wrestling Natalya. The match, which was not televised, came to an abrupt end when the referee noticed something was wrong—Rosa concealed her boobs with her arms and sprinted backstage.

Following the ordeal, Rosa said on Twitter, “A wardrobe malfunction that everyone wanted to see tonight.”

In 2012, a video surfaced on YouTube of “hidden camera footage” of Rosa Mendes purportedly appearing nude as she changed her clothes in a women’s locker room. The video, which was created and labeled “The Brad Maddox Experience” by a scam artist, was quickly removed from the video-sharing website, with Rosa angrily tweeting fellow WWE Superstar Brad Maddox under the belief that he made the video.

“Nice move to get more followers. You are a nobody and you will always be a nobody!” she wrote to Maddox. “If ur going make a fake video find someone hotter!! I look nothing like that!! You are such loser! You burned bridges with the wrong Diva!”

Maddox subsequently addressed the matter, writing on Twitter, “Dear Morons, Stop tweeting me crap about a youtube video put up by a mark. It is clearly and obviously not me. You are stupid. Love, Brad.”

About Rosa Mendes

Rosa Mendes

Rosa Mendes is existing proof that in WWE, dreams do come true. Beginning on the November 24, 2008 episode of Raw, this stunning Latina could be seen at ringside, fiercely waving signs which illustrated her devotion to Beth Phoenix and passionately rooting on the WWE Diva known as “The Glamazon.” Her support, however, eventually turned problematic for the sports-entertainment organization’s security personnel. Jumping over guardrails, the 2006 Diva Search contestant found herself physically involved in the future Mrs. Copeland’s matches, as a way to preserve her idol’s dominance over the Divas division.

Mendes’ determination was ultimately rewarded as on the January 19, 2009 edition of Raw, Santino Marella announced that she had been offered an internship position with “Glamarella.” While most interns spend their days laboring through a bevy of increasingly degrading errands, Mendes’ gig directly led her to the squared circle. After learning at the knee of Beth Phoenix (and to a lesser degree, The Glamazon’s former beau, Santino Marella), Rosa Mendes was primed to take on the Divas division on her own.

Going up against the likes of Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, Eve, Alicia Fox and others, the sexy Vancouver native made good use of her on-the-job wrestling training from The Glamazon, a three-time WWE Women’s Champion and former WWE Divas Champion. In 2012, Mendes led the duo of Epico and Primo to a lengthy WWE Tag Team Championship reign.

In November 2014, Mendes began appearing by the side of Fandango, who had adopted a salsa dancer persona. Together, the couple hopes to dance their way to the top.

Though capturing the Divas Championship ranks atop her list of priorities, the 35-year-old’s latest goal is to keep an eye out on her fellow Divas. Once a model, valet and intern Rosa is now a full-fledged reality television star and professional wrestler. Now that’s climbing up the ladder!

Rosa Mendes Panned For Wrestling Poorly On Raw, Expected To Be Pushed

September 5, 2014 – It pretty much goes without saying that Rosa Mendes is only in WWE because she’s a pretty face. It is why she has managed to retain employment for eight years and counting despite never being promoted as a serious wrestler, much less win a single television match (via pinfall). Nonetheless, as a performer for the premiere wrestling organization in the world, she is expected to at least grapple suitably. Unfortunately, despite her years of experience, this is still a problem.

Monday on Raw, the cast of Total Divas clashed, with Rosa teaming up with Cameron and Eva Marie to take on Layla, Naomi and Summer Rae. There’s not much to say regarding this as only Rosa and Layla were tagged into the match lasting approximately one minute, but in that amount of time, Rosa revealed why she hardly ever wrestles on television. Let me allow Wrestling Observer Newsletter editor Dave Meltzer to explain in his recap of the match in this week’s issue:

They had a Divas match to promote Total Divas with Layla & Naomi & Summer Rae vs. Mendes & Eva Marie & Cameron. On paper, it wasn’t too bad. They only went 1:03 and everyone jumped in the ring for a no contest. However, Mendes was so bad, that every single spot looked awful. She’s been with the company since 2006 and she’s worse than Eva Marie. Why they just didn’t have Cameron work the minute is beyond me, but they wanted to give Mendes a push for a minute as the new cast member. This may have been the worst one minute match on television in a long time. Here’s the deal with Mendes. She can’t wrestle, and if you can’t after eight years, the odds of you catching on aren’t good. I’m not saying get rid of her or anything like that. She has a great look, but just come up with things for her that involve her being a heel backstage, since the idea is to get her over as a heel for the show. Or, if they want her out there is a wrestling outfit for her to look hot in, give her an entrance and never tag her in.

To no surprise, Rosa was panned backstage as well by her co-workers for wrestling terribly.

Despite her poor showing, this won’t stop WWE from changing course. Since she’s on Total Divas, a bad wrestling match won’t stop the company from promoting her as they see fit. In fact, WWE is expected to feature her a lot more due to her presence on the popular E! reality show.

Within WWE, the term “flavor of the month” is used to describe rarely featured talent who are suddenly pushed until the decision-makers get bored and he or she falls by the wayside again. This notably happened with Alicia Fox in the spring, and with Aksana at the start of the year. It is said that Rosa will be getting that type of push while Total Divas airs, and become a non-entity again once the season ends.

In defense of Rosa, she legitimately cares about wrestling and doing it well.

“I’ve always been a valet and a manager, so now that I’m in the ring more, I’m practicing more and getting better,” Rosa said in during an interview with AfterBuzz TV. “People are going to be able to see that side of me where I’m working really hard to fulfill my goals and hopefully have a run with the Divas title.”

Rosa Mendes Considered A Laughingstock Within WWE

August 15, 2014 – A veteran of WWE’s Divas Division since December 2008, Rosa Mendes may finally be getting her big break after being cast on the new season of the hit E! reality series Total Divas. To be frank, it is amazing that she’s managed to remain gainfully employed as long as she while possessing minimal talent. This is something that has long been questioned by WWE; it’s also the sentiment among many of her WWE co-workers.

According to a backstage source within WWE, the 34-year-old is seen as a “laughingstock” by both male and female talent in WWE for a variety of reasons.

Many of her peers have the opinion that she can’t wrestle, cut a decent promo or entertain.

Rosa has had sexual relationships with at least seven or eight wrestlers (which are known).

Rosa has managed to stay employed for as long as she has because Michael Hayes, who has stroke within WWE, “can’t get enough of her.”

Since Rosa possesses no major qualities that threaten other Divas, the Canadian native is tolerated because of the fact she is no real threat to their position in WWE. It pretty much goes without saying that won’t be capturing the Divas Championship any time soon.

Now that Rosa is on Total Divas, her WWE career should be safe until at least 2015. Whether it is or not truly is up in the air, but as long as Total Divas continues to air, it is highly unlikely that anyone will be wished well in their future endeavors (unless something major materializes).

Rosa Mendes Says She Has Never Won A Match In WWE

August 23, 2014 – As difficult as it may be to be believe, even with her limited wrestling ability, Rosa Mendes has never won a match on WWE television since her debut for the sports-entertainment organization in 2008.


During an interview with AfterBuzz TV to promote the upcoming season of E’s hit reality series Total Divas, Mendes revealed that she has never won a match on WWE programming (by pinfall to secure a victory).

“I haven’t won a match on TV, ever,” Mendes said.

“Ever?!” interviewer Cathy Kelley responds.

“Ever!” Mendes states. “I won by disqualification once and I haven’t won a match.”

Since being cast on the third season of Total Divas, Mendes has been wrestling more and is hopeful to capture the Divas Championship.

“I’ve always been a valet and a manager, so now that I’m in the ring more, I’m practicing more and getting better. People are going to be able to see that side of me where I’m working really hard to fulfill my goals and hopefully have a run with the Divas title,” said Mendes.

Her sole victory on WWE television took place on the February 25, 2011 episode of SmackDown as she defeated Layla in a singles bout via disqualification. Layla’s then BFF, Michelle McCool, attacked Mendes after Layla ran into her (Layla shoved her at McCool). Mendes actually pinned Cameron at last year’s Survivor Series pay-per-view event in a Divas Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match, but did not secure the victory for her. She has been on the winning side of multiple tag team matches over the course of her WWE career, but has never secured a pinfall victory.

Mendes also discussed her training regime and what fans can expect on Total Divas, premiering Sunday, September 7 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on E!.

Rosa Mendes Suffers A Wardrobe Malfunction On WWE Main Event

September 3, 2014 – The modern day WWE Divas division is all about athleticism and sex appeal. Some fans grumble about that, stating that WWE too often rewards looks more than wrestling skills, but let’s get real here, WWE isn’t real sports, it’s perfectly understandable that an entertainment company scripts its product around pretty girls. Just like in the movies, it’s all part of the spectacle, WWE want to sell the most appealing product possible. With a key demographic of 18 -35 year old males it’s hardly surprising that sexiness is important.

The requirement of having to look great and be able to wrestle is a challenge for every diva performer. The infamous term ‘wardrobe malfunction’ is inevitably going to get used when a diva is having to squeeze into a tiny bikini style wrestling outfit at the same time as they’re having to perform agile and combative matches. On many occasions we have got to see way more of a Diva than the WWE ever intended us to.

During Tuesday’s episode of WWE Main Event on the WWE Network, members of the WWE Universe got a lot more than the $9.99 they bargained for; a Rosa Mendes wardrobe malfunction!

A tag team bout took place between four of the Divas who will be appearing on the third season of the hit E! reality series, Total Divas; Rosa and Natalya vs. Summer Rae and Layla. In an apparent mishap, Layla grabbed Rosa’s tights as she tried to re-enter the squared circle and exposed her backside!

Rosa has sparkly buns!

Rosa also suffered a wardrobe malfunction in June 2011 at a SmackDown taping in Roanoke, Virginia,while competing against fellow Diva and future Total Divas co-star Natalya. The contest ended in short order when the referee noticed something was amiss—her top had come loose. Rosa covered her breasts with her arms and hastily scurried backstage.

Rosa commented on the incident afterwards via Twitter, which fortunately for her, wasn’t televised: “A wardrobe malfunction that everyone wanted to see tonight.”