Rusev and Lana Asked To Be Released From WWE?

Rusev and Lana

Have Rusev and Lana asked to be released from WWE?

According to The Dirty Sheets podcast via YouTube on Wednesday, Rusev had a “major altercation” with creative last week at SmackDown LIVE about the way both he and his wife are being booked on television. It’s been said that the discussion got fairly heated at one point between Rusev and the writers before Brian James (head of SmackDown LIVE’s creative team) calmed things down.

This incident led to Rusev asking WWE officials to be released from his contract.

The Dirty Sheets podcast says that while Lana is unhappy with her position in WWE, she did not directly ask to be released.

Lana responded to a tweet asking if she asked to be released from WWE.

Rusev responded to the report of the altercation with the following.

According to a report by, sources in WWE are saying there is no truth to this story.

Rusev did not appear on SmackDown LIVE this week after losing to Randy Orton in a matter of seconds at SummerSlam.