Sasha Banks Blames Bayley For Missing WWE Show, 5 Unique Superstar Open Challenges, Serena Deeb

Sasha Banks and Bayley

– Bayley finally snapped on Sasha Banks this week, but Raw General Manager Kurt Angle isn’t about to let the fracturing friendship between the two former champions explode into outright hostility just yet. Following “The Huggable One”‘s assault, Angle informed each woman individually that they would have to undergo counseling in order to keep their jobs as Raw Superstars.

Sasha is taking this storyline to social media as she blamed Bayley for missing tonight’s WWE live event in Rapid City, South Dakota (which she wasn’t actually scheduled for).

Bayley also issued an apology for missing the show (she wasn’t scheduled for the show either).

– In the latest edition of WWE List This!, Vic Joseph looks at Chris Masters, John Cena, Kurt Angle, Roman Reigns and Steven Regal (aka William Regal) boldly hosting recurring open challenges to test the mettle of their fellow Superstars.

– Former WWE Superstar Serena Deeb celebrates her birthday on Friday as she turns 32 years old.

Deeb, who now works as a coach at the WWE Performance Center, tweeted the following today.