Sasha Banks On The Divas Revolution Struggling At First and Stephanie McMahon

Sasha Banks

During a conference call with international media promoting SummerSlam, WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks spoke out on a variety of topics including the Divas Revolution and Stephanie McMahon. Below are some highlights, courtesy of The Whig:

The Divas Revolution:

I’ve wanted to change the whole division (since I was younger). I didn’t want to walk into the WWE being a diva and being someone that you see just doing bikini matches and just play second fiddle to the guys. I wanted to stand out and be the best and have people tune into Monday Night Raw and tune into SmackDown to see what Sasha Banks can do. And hopefully I am doing that and hopefully people are getting excited to see women’s wrestling.

It was a struggle at first when we got brought up (to Raw). This Divas Revolution didn’t have that great, great start that I wanted (it) to, but I knew with time that we would get it to where we wanted to be.

Stephanie McMahon

She is a huge role model not just for girls outside of WWE, but for us. She is so strong in the way that she carries herself. Any time she’s backstage, she’ll talk to us, she’ll give us advice, she always gives me a huge when I see her. I think little things like that, when a boss — she is a boss, just like me — that she actually cares about what we’re doing and I think that’s so special. She is absolutely incredible. I look up to her because she is so strong and so powerful in the way that she conducts herself. I think that’s how all women should be in the WWE. She’s professional to a tee. I have so many good things to say about her.

She also discussed her future goals, WWE dropping the term “Divas,” Eddie Guerrero and more. Click here for more highlights from her interview.