Sasha Banks on Being In the NXT Four Horsewomen, NXT Stars to Watch Out For, Social Media, More

Sasha Banks

– WWE NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks recently spoke with AfterBuzz hosts Cathy Kelley, Mark Donica and Boxcar Superstar The Hobo. The full interview can be found at this link. Below are highlights they sent in:

AfterBuzz: You’ve been a wrestling fan pretty much your entire life, so now being in the position you are, and getting support from legends like Mick Foley and other wrestlers you grew up watching, what does that mean to you?

Sasha Banks: It’s absolutely unbelievable, especially when it feels like they’re a fan of me more than I’m a fan of them. I’m a huge Mick Foley fan, and just to have the support…He always sends me a text or messages me amazing things and tells me I had a great match. It’s so insane sometimes to get a text that says “Mick Foley,” I go, “This is my life? No way! Mick Foley’s texting me? He’s calling me?”…Deep down, I’m a huge mark, so any time I see any wrestler, I freak out inside. I think the most nervous I ever got was Stone Cold Steve Austin. It was like a week before he sent a tweet out that he watched me and Charlotte’s match. He said it was a really good match and I was like, “Oh my god, no way, he watched me wrestle!?” I walked into catering, saw him, grabbed a cookie for some reason and ran straight out of the building. I was so nervous. I went to Joey Mercury and was like, “Joey, can you please introduce me to Stone Cold Steve Austin? Please?”

ABTV: Everyone talks about how the four horsewomen of NXT, yourself, Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Bayley are changing women’s wrestling for the better. How does it feel to be a huge part of that?

SB: It just proves to you that women are taking over. You give us an opportunity and we are killing it. We take it and we run with it. We’re just unstoppable right now. I can’t wait for more of the future and we’re still getting more amazing girls down in NXT. We just want to keep the cycle going where soon the women on RAW and Smackdown can main event like how we’ve been doing down here on NXT.

ABTV: Have to ask, would you rather go up to the main roster and face the Divas or stay down at NXT since the women get more time for matches?

SB: I’m still confused on that because I love NXT and watched it grow. I’ve been there when we had four minutes for my matches to now have fifteen minutes for my matches to main eventing. To lose that would be so hard on me, but it’s always been my dream to be on Raw and Smackdown. If I can be a part of this revolution of NXT, I would love to be on Raw and Smackdown to see where that takes me and see if we can transition what we have down there to up there to have the phenomenon keep growing. NXT is my home, but I’m ready for the next challenge and for more opportunities…I still need to face Bayley. I need that one Takeover match with her.

ABTV: You’re pretty active on Tumblr and fans often make memes for you…what’s the weirdest thing someone has sent you?

SB: You guys have no idea. I get my face on Seth Rollins body, on Big Show’s body and on Big E’s body. That’s why I love Tumblr so much. It helps me pass the time. It’s like my favorite social media account.

ABTV: Since there’s a lot of talent down at developmental, who are some wrestlers down at NXT that fans should look out for that we may not be familiar with or haven’t been on TV yet?

SB: It’s crazy to me that some of them are not even on NXT TV yet. And the two of them I’m going to say are Scott Dawson, the most unbelievable person I’ve seen in the ring, and Tye Dillinger. They deserve it. They work so hard. I’m just waiting for them to have that opportunity because I know they’re gonna kill it. They kill it at our house shows all the time. They are two of the most unbelievable men in wrestling right now. They’re amazing.

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