Why Sasha Banks Has Been Pulled Off Shows

Sasha Banks

A lot of people are asking why Sasha Banks not only isn’t in the WWE Women’s title picture, but hasn’t even been on television for the past couple weeks.

Initial reports from Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer said she was being held off Raw and SmackDown for “storyline reasons.” Most interpreted this to mean she was going to challenge Charlotte for the belt, but not yet . . . she’d reappear in time to build a program for SummerSlam this August.

That was all supposition based of Dave Meltzer’s report, however.

Yesterday, SquaredCircleSirens.com ran with a scoop they got from a source in WWE saying Banks is injured. They didn’t have specifics, but pointed to a “something to do with her head” that occurred during a live event on May 15.

At the show in Charlottesville, Virginia, Sasha took part in a six-woman tag where she partnered with Paige and Becky Lynch against Lana, Eva Marie and Dana Brooke. There weren’t any reports “injury” from people in attendance, at least that we’ve been able to track down.

Into this mix, Meltzer returned. When asked about the injury on Twitter late last night, he replied, “She got kneed in the head by a ref.”

This version of events was also floated by a person on Reddit.com, who was told by a person in WWE that she suffered a concussion from the accident.

“She has a concussion. A ref at an event accidentally kneed her in the head and it was a pretty bad concussion,” said user DrolTromredlov.