Sasha Banks On Her Unique Relationship With Bayley, Main Eventing Hell in a Cell With Charlotte Flair

Sasha Banks

During a recent interview, Sasha Banks spoke about her unique relationship with Bayley.

“It was a love/hate relationship. We have so much in common. We love this business so much and you know talking to her more, her dream was to be a wrestler when she was 10. My dream was to be a wrestler when I was 10. I wanted to change the definition of what it was to be a woman in WWE and she had the exact same feelings. So, it was just that mutual love for this knowing that we always wanted to steal the show. And getting the opportunity at NXT Brooklyn and just hearing that crowd. We tore the house down. Honestly, I can’t wait to do it again. I can’t wait to tie up with her again. But, that’s all in due time.”

She also spoke about getting to main event Hell in a Cell with Charlotte in her hometown of Boston.

“I got to main event a WWE pay per view with Charlotte at Hell in a Cell. The first ever woman’s match in Hell in a Cell and it’s been just such a whirlwind of excitement. It’s so crazy.

“First of all, I came out in an SUV. I wasn’t really walking because I’m The Boss you know what I’m saying? It was in my hometown and I remember being like ‘Holy crap man! We are making history.’ It’s moments like that where you just have to stand still and look around. We’ve come such a long way for the women and the men. But even then, getting to be part of Wrestlemania and having these great matches.”