Scott Hall Talks About What He’d Like To Do To Paige

Scott Hall

In August, Scott Hall received a lot of flak online for saying he wanted to give Paige a spanking.

On Twitter, the 23-year-old acknowledged a video of herself behaving intimately with Brie Bella from early in her career in WWE.

“Back when used to inappropriately touch the divas,” she remarked.

This led the WWE Hall of Famer to tweet Paige, “Such a naughty girl. I have a good mind to bend you over my knee and spank you.”

Paige responded to the tweet and didn’t take any offense to it while putting it down as a harmless joke. Hall, who has been under the cloud of controversy for the most part of his career, claims to know Paige and has refused to apologize for anything he said. Below are the tweets from all parties involved.

“The Bad Guy” is at it again.

Hall recently sat down for a shoot interview for Kayfabe Commentaries’ YouShoot series (now available on DVD and streaming video), where he tackled fan questions ranging from his exploits with drinks and drugs to The Kliq, to his storied in-ring career, and much more. One fan, who calls himself The Horsecock Express, asked Hall, “If you had to give a rimjob to one WWE Diva in history, who would it be?”

Hall responded, “I’m going to say, Paige.”

Host Sean Oliver asks Hall the question again, to which he responds, “Well, rimjob is eating someone’s ass. I’m going to say, Paige.”