Seth Green on Working with Vince McMahon for Camp WWE, Creating WWE’s First TV-MA Series

Camp WWE

– Actor Seth Green of Stoopid Buddy Stoodios recently spoke with IGN about the TV-MA Camp WWE cartoon that premieres in the WWE Network on-demand section after Payback tomorrow night. The full interview is at this link. Below are a few highlights:

IGN: The ads for Camp WWE call it an adult cartoon. But then the disclaimers before the episodes really go all out. They’re in your face, like “Warning! Seriously, this is not for kids! Here’s how you can block this content if you need to!” What’s it like to have created WWE’s first ever TV-MA content?

Seth Green: Well, I don’t think I approached it from a TV-MA way of thinking, or what the network precedent was, but more of that I was told that they wanted a cartoon that would appeal to those who maybe wouldn’t watch some of the other programming the Network. Something for people who watched Archer and South Park and other animated shows like that. So that was what we set out to do. To make a show using these characters in a way that would appeal to people looking for something different. And who may not know that you could take these characters to these types of places. And you know what? It was an amazing experience. Everyone was so game for it. It was awesome.

IGN: Vince actually voices himself on the show. And Ric Flair does his own voice too. But obviously, for the kids, different voices were called for. What was it like though getting Vince to play himself and say some pretty outlandish things?

Green: Working with Vince McMahon was incredible. I mean, I grew up watching this man. I can’t really describe what he’s meant to me. The impact he’s had on my life. On so many lives. He’s so larger than life, in person and on screen. I met him back in 2009 when I hosted RAW as the first guest host back when they started doing that for a while. And I met him in the area right before you walk out into the arena. And he put his hand on my shoulder and gave me some advice for when I went out there. Really good advice about slowing things down and taking time to get my message across. And also to take in the experience and enjoy it. And so I don’t know if you saw what happened in the match I was in, but it was very eventful and when I came back he had his headset on and he looked over to me and have me a look and nod of approval and it meant the world to me. And then I returned in 2014 to host the Slammys, and by then everyone knew how much I loved the product and how much I respected it and so I got to meet a lot of people backstage and that’s when the idea for this show was presented to me. And so everything sort of sprung up from there.

So putting Vince in the show was a great joy and we really felt the freedom to do a lot of things with him. Because when on TV, the guy’s doing things like lifting people over his head or screwing over his own family, so we just needed to go even bigger and wilder than the truth. Which is that the man has a T-Rex skull mounted on the wall of his office. That’s the truth. I was there. So it’s not a big deal that he’s got a stuffed unicorn by the fireside. He’s incredibly directable. He gives an incredible performance. He really understands storytelling and he really understands performance. So getting these tracks from him has been a delight. I don’t think people are ready for how deep their going to fall in love with cartoon Vince McMahon.

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