Shane McMahon on How They Kept His WWE Return a Secret, Working with Family, WrestleMania 32, More

Shane McMahon

As noted, Shane McMahon appeared on The Michael Kay Show in New York City on Friday. Below are highlights and full audio:

* Shane didn’t believe he would get a reception that big on RAW and he’s still humbled by it. He said it was electric and went through his body. The promo he cut during the commercial about his nipples being hard was real, he didn’t know it was going to air. Shane said he will always hold that moment deep in his heart and said it was so emotional. He wasn’t sure what kind of reaction he would get but was hoping it would be good. He called it off the charts and wakes up everyday still in disbelief

* When asked if he missed performing in the ring, Shane says there’s nothing like being in the ring, feeling the energy and being out there in front of fans as a performer. He talks about the energy from the crowd and called it special. When asked if there’s any truth to Shane always wrestling with a chip on his shoulder to prove he wasn’t just Vince McMahon’s son and was willing to do anything, he says there’s some truth to that. Shane says he grew up paying dues, setting rings up, taking jackets for the company, learning the business from the ground up. He’s always had respect and admiration for the WWE talents, for what they go through and what they overcome. He always knew he wanted to do something big and tells a story about Mr. Fuji helping him do a dropkick from the top rope when he was younger. That was his first true understanding of what the guys go through. Shane says he was brought up in the business that way and he’s just old school

* Shane talks about his 50 foot jump onto Big Show in Chicago and says what they do is really dangerous, you have to know what you’re doing out there. The hosts jokingly ask if Shane might jump off the overhead scoreboard at AT&T Stadium. Shane points out he will be locked inside Hell In a Cell but anything can happen in WWE. Shane says he literally transforms when he gets in the ring, doesn’t have much regard for his body and leaves it all out there

* The hosts asked if there is real animosity between he and Vince McMahon. Shane calls that a private moment and says there has been. He says any family working dynamic isn’t easy but it is rewarding. He says it’s lots of fun but also challenging. They ask if this comeback has anything to do with his three sons never getting to see him wrestle live. Shane says he’s getting emotional and admits that is a big driving force and they will be there for WrestleMania. He’s really excited and really proud. He hopes they will be fifth generation one day if they want to be. His kids did not know about the return on RAW and they were shocked. He says his wife Marissa secretly recorded their reactions and says they were going bonkers. He says getting to do something like that for your kids is one of the most rewarding things you can do

* He says it looks like they have a shot at breaking the attendance record in Dallas but is proud to be a part of it either way

* Regarding how they kept his return a secret, Shane says he’s very old school and very guarded, he still lives by kayfabe and kept everything close to the vest. Shane says that’s how it should be. He loves surprises, no matter what he’s watching but especially WWE. He talks about how hard it is to have surprises with today’s media and technology

* His favorite wrestler growing up was Superstar Billy Graham. He had great respect for Bruno Sammartino also. He says the older guys like Ivan Putski would stretch him, lock him in lockers and beat up on him in the locker room, saying he was the mascot to them. He wouldn’t change anything and says he had an amazing childhood in the land of the giants

* The Shane O’Mac Shuffle was inspired by Apollo Creed, Muhammad Ali and The Rock’s father, WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson

* He’s training 3 times per day for the Hell In a Cell match against The Undertaker. He started getting in shape last summer for surfing with his kids. He started getting serious about it and hooked up with his old strength & conditioning coach Jimmy Quinn. His biggest thing is Muay Thai training and he’s been into that for a while. He’s working with Phil Nurse and other coaches, who worked with GSP, Rashad Evans, Frankie Edgar and others. Shane says they are carefully calculating a gameplan on what to do against The Deadman. Shane says it will be interesting and he has a gameplan. Shane says he’s definitely putting in the work

* The hosts ask if Shane came back to help with the business side of things in WWE. As of right now, he’s only focused on WrestleMania and what leads up to that night, and that’s his main priority. Anything else after that, Shane says we will see what happens.

* They ask if he has any message for The Undertaker. Shane jokes that Taker should just relax, take it easy and stop training. He says he’s been friends with Taker for 25 years. He says they have experienced a lot of life and had a lot of fun together. He says this match is a very serious thing. He knows you have to deliver, you have to be in shape and give it all you got or you’re not doing the right thing for the fans. Shane says they’re both working hard and there’s an immense amount of pride. He says with friendship comes a lot of “stiff liberties” and he’s coming for Taker

The amazing reaction Shane McMahon received upon returning to …

The amazing reaction Shane McMahon received upon returning to WWE is something he will never forget.

Posted by YES Network on Friday, February 26, 2016

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