Sheamus and Cesaro Hit a 3D (Video), Chris Jericho on Staying In Shape, Kofi Kingston

Sheamus and Cesaro

– As seen above, Chris Jericho recently spoke with Business Insider to promote his “No Is a Four Letter Word: How I Failed Spelling But Succeeded in Life” book and discussed how he stays in shape at 46. Jericho said:

“I like to push myself and have the confidence in my abilities and believe in myself. And doing, you know, a dive off the top of the cage at, I think it was 45, a lot of it is just preparation, you know? Don’t let yourself get completely out of shape to when something like that comes up, you can’t do it. How do I do it? It’s not like I’m in the gym five hours a day. Hell, I don’t even hardly go to the gym anymore. I love, you know, riding my bike long distances, but other than that, I think it really is a personable trait. Like, the “Gene Simmons Principle” is “always look like a star.” AKA always look your best. Always try to do something that makes you look a little bit better and a little bit of bounce and pep in your step.

A few years ago, I did the Paleo diet or the “Caveman diet.” All you do is just eat berries, nuts, meats, eggs, stuff that you can cull from the land. It’s great. Works like a charm. But after about four or five months, you start losing your mind. It’s like “is it really worth it?” If I want to have a cookie, I’m not gonna freaking, you know, purge myself because I enjoyed a hamburger. To me, there really is no diet. It’s just that, if I start feeling a little bit bigger, I’ll cut down. If I start feeling like I’m a little bit too cut up, then I’ll, you know, eat a little bit more.

You don’t need a diet book or a doctor. Just be smart, man! Don’t eat shitty food! That’s basically it! And if you do, don’t make it a habit. We’re living in a world now where, you know, the proverbial “age is just a number—” I think it really is. Whereas maybe 10, 20, 30 years ago, when you got to a certain age, you had to punch your card and that was done. If you have a positive outlook, it opens up so many avenues, and that includes mentally and physically.”

– We noted before that SmackDown Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston may have suffered a leg injury at Wednesday’s WWE live event in Honolulu, Hawaii. Kofi was cleared to wrestle as he worked Saturday’s WWE live event in Osaka and Sunday’s show in Shenzhen, China.

– WWE posted this video of Sheamus and Cesaro hitting a 3D on Jeff Hardy at the WWE live event in Brisbane this weekend. You can also see responses from WWE producer D-Von Dudley, Bubba Ray Dudley and Matt Hardy below:

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