Sheamus Talks Current Storyline with Cesaro, Randy Savage, Paul Heyman, More

Sheamus recently sat down with former WWE Champion Sheamus to promote the release of WWE 2K17. The full interview is available HERE and below are highlights:

In this year’s My Career mode you can choose between honing your craft in NXT or bypassing the performance center and immediately becoming a Paul Heyman guy. Hypothetically, which one would you choose?

I’ve always been a huge admirer of Paul Heyman, I’m not saying something’s going to happen there! I think there’s pros and cons each way you go. When I was in FCW, I had great training with Dr Tom Prichard and Steve Keirn so there are success stories either way, it’s just whatever works best for you.

And a huge reason for why these games are so popular is that you can make dream matches, which haven’t happened or maybe cannot take place in real life. Of all the 150+ roster members in the game, which one would you liked to have locked up with? Any of the legends you would have liked to have worked with?

I would have loved a match with Macho Man [Randy Savage]. He really was the one who stole me as a kid when I was getting into WWE. Ever since ‘the Cup of Coffee promo’? That was just an example of how charismatic and crazy he could be. The gear he wore out there, his personality, his in-ring ability – he was the total package. I would have loved to have wrestled Macho Man Randy Savage.

Switching gears to your run in WWE at the moment. An excellent best of seven series with Cesaro, including an absolute barnstormer in the finale. Did you feel as though the program revitalised you both after a patch where you perhaps weren’t being featured as you would have liked?

Yeah I do, it was a golden opportunity to really get out there and steal the show and that’s what we did. We had already wrestled twice before the best of seven series was announced after my match with Sami [Zayn], we knew what we could do, we didn’t treat any match less than the other. The match we had in London [as part of a live event at the O2] was great because there was something on the line, it wasn’t just a regular match. We knew what we had as an opportunity and we knocked the hell out of each other for seven matches and the best thing coming out of it was after nine matches [in total] people were wanting us to keep fighting. It was incredible for both of us and now we’re in a tag team, stuck with each other – which is an interesting dynamic! I’ve won the Royal Rumble, WWE champ, US Champ, King of the Ring, Money in the Bank – I’d love a tag team title to go with that but the storyline is the most important thing at the moment.

These are exciting times for me. I was talking to [Chris] Jericho when we did that four-way going into Summerslam when Finn [Balor] won the title and we had these two four-way matches. After that match I felt I was getting back where I was after the League of Nations and all that, sometimes you need a match or some sort of feud to kick you back into gear and that’s what happened. I had that match with Cesaro, had that match with Sami Zayn, right off the cuff we were brawling all over the place and got people involved. I don’t know if you know this but Sami Zayn is 55-years old, so to be able to go in that match like he did was incredible.

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