Sid Vicious Spoofed After Canceling Indie Booking Because He Hates Donald Trump (Video)

Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious was scheduled to appear at last night’s Xcite Wrestling event in Binghamton, New York but canceled the booking because the owner of the promotion, Jonny Moose, is a Donald Trump supporter.

“Which one of you butt holes told Sid that Jonny Moose is a giant Trumpster?!?!” a promotion official wrote on Facebook (sic).

“Well I hope you’re happy, he decided to not get on a plane for our friends at a Heroe’s Hideout. So he won’t be appearing for us either. We are really disappointed but now we can finally say we are like our friends AIW! But have no fear, tomorrow will be a killer show. We hope you come out and help us with our last Legion show.”

Xcite Wrestling had a wrestler dress up as Sid and deliver a powerbomb at the show, as seen in the video below at the 1:30 mark.

This is not the first time something like this involving Sid has happened. Vicious skipped an Absolute Intense Wrestling show in Cleveland, Ohio last December by claiming that he had travel issues due to Trump’s travel ban. AIW spoofed Sid at the show by having EC3 (a month before he joined NXT), using the name “EC Justice,” dress up as the former WWE and WCW champion.

Click here to see photos of EC3 spoofing Sid.