*SPOILERS* WWE NXT TV Tapings from 5/10/18

Thanks to Will Henderson (@willh94) for texting us the following WWE NXT TV spoilers from tonight’s tapings at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL:

* Jack Gallagher vs. Drew Gulak in a qualifier for the upcoming WWE UK Title tournament is on tap for tonight

* Some of these matches may air at later dates

June 6th Episode:

* NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler comes out for a promo. She says she sent a message last week via Dakota Kai that she’s always tougher than the locker room. She says there’s always one person that thinks the laws don’t apply to them, and that person is Nikki Cross. Shayna says if Nikki ever gets in her face again, she’ll regret it. Cross interrupts. Shayna calls Nikki’s stunt last week a joke. Says the only place Nikki is better than her is in that wacked-out corner of her brain. Shayna asks what’s wrong with Nikki and asks if she’s crazy. Says Nikki needs to know she can put her to sleep in a heartbeat and throws the mic at her. Nikki picks up the mic and starts begging Shayna to do it. Nikki lunges at Shayna and Shayna flinches. Nikki then attacks Shayna, but gets distracted by the title belt and allows Shayna to throw her out of the ring. Nikki recovers and hits a crossbody on Shayna and sends her running.

* TM61 defeated two local enhancement talents. This was a quick squash, with TM working heel on the jobbers. After the match, TM cut a promo saying they are the best and put every tag team in NXT on notice that they should bend a knee and Kneel to The Mighty

* NXT Tag Team Champion Roderick Strong defeated Danny Burch. Roddy with some stiff chops in the corner. Roddy with a big dropkick for 2. Danny sidesteps a knee in the corner and hits a headbutt. Danny with huge lariat. Undisputed Era run down, but so do Pete Dunne and Oney Lorcan. Danny is distracted by the brawl and gets hit with a bit backbreaker and Roddy picks up the pin. After the match, Dunne attacks Strong, but Kyle attacks Pete from behind and Roderick lays out Dunne with End of Heartache

* Dakota Kai, Steffanie Newell, and Kacy Catanzaro defeated Reina Gonzalez, Vanessa Borne, and Taynara Conti. Kacy is from American Ninja Warrior, and looked good for someone with only a few matches under her belt. Match was a little sloppy at times. Heels beat up on Nixon for a good bit, until she made the hot tag to Dakota. Crazy spot where Kacy does a handstand on the ropes into a headscissors on Reina, who knocks Taynara off the apron. Newell does a crossbody to the outside on them, and Dakota nails her new finisher, a flip backstabber, for the win

* Tommaso Ciampa comes out for a promo and gets huge heat. Ciampa says he’s gonna talk, so the crowd can either let him talk or keep making noise over him, he doesn’t care. He berates the crowd members chanting Psycho Killer at him. Ciampa says Gargano came out last week and interrupted a match and made it all about him to announce their match in Chicago. Ciampa says he’s trying to be Johnny Badass, and it’s adorable. Ciampa says he is trying to distract from the fact that two weeks ago he nearly crippled his wife, and it’s all Johnny’s fault. Ciampa tells Johnny not to show up on June 16, because this fairy tale is ending badly. Gargano comes out being restrained by security. Gargano breaks free and a huge brawl breaks out, with Gargano fighting off security and refs. Gargano dives off the stands in the crowd onto Ciampa. They get in the ring and Ciampa gains control, and applies the GargaNo Escape while refs try to break it up. Ciampa leaves, but Gargano chases after him and slams him into the LED screen. Ciampa is busted open from the screen, and it’s so bad they have to bring a mop out post-angle, and trainers treat him on the ramp. Abrupt end to a very hot angle. After they get Ciampa stitched up, Gargano comes back out and puts the GargaNo Escape on Ciampa again, presumably retaping the end of the brawl with less blood. Cameraman zoomed in on the blood on the ramp, so they may make this part of the angle

June 13th Episode:

* Jack Gallagher defeated Drew Gulak to qualify for the WWE UK Title Tournament. Great technical match. Lots of holds and submission attempts. Handshake to start. Mostly ground game and technical work, Gallagher hits the headbutt for the win. They shake hands afterwards

* The War Raiders defeated two enhancement talents in a quick squash. After the match, War Raiders respond to TM61’s promo and vow to take them to war

* EC3 defeated Kassius Ohno. Ohno catches the knees on a senton. EC3 works a vise grip on the neck. Kassius with some stiff elbows and a senton. Ohno hits a senton on the floor outside the ring. EC3 necks Ohno on the ropes and hits the One Percent for the win

* Boa and Heavy Machinery defeated Chad Lail and The Forgotten Sons (Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake). Fun match. Boa makes the hot tag to Otis, who runs wild. They clear the ring and do a jumping belly bump with Boa to celebrate. Gunner takes control on Otis. Cutler has a sleeper hold on Otis, but he falls back on him and makes the hot tag to Tucker. Tucker lays everyone out, including a cannonball splash off the top to Blake. Machinery gorilla press Boa onto Cutler and Lail then hit the Compactor on Blake for the win

* Ricochet defeated Chris Dijak. Ricochet goes for a dive, but Dijak catches him and chokeslams him on the apron. Dijak with a diving elbow for two. Ricochet gets a deadlift vertical duplex for a big pop. Ricochet hits the 630 for the win. After the match, Ricochet says Velveteen Dream loves the spotlight, and he kind of deserves it. Says when the spotlight is on you, it also shows your flaws. Says when the spotlight was on them last week, it showed how much of a punk he was. Ricochet starts to say something about Takeover: Chicago, but Dream interrupts. Dream says that tonight is Ricochet’s spotlight, but last week was their spotlight. He says while it showed how amazing Ricochet is, it also showed that Dream can do everything he can too. Ricochet tells Dream to come to the ring to prove it. Dream gets to ringside, but says as epic as the two of them would be, there’s only one spotlight that can contain them, so he’ll see him in Chicago. Dream says when the spotlight hits Ricochet’s beautiful face, he’ll see anything he can do, Dream can do better. Ricochet does a flip dive over the ropes and lands on his feet right in Dream’s face, to the stunned surprise of Dream, who walks away

* Bianca Belair defeated Aliyah in a quick match. Bianca does the deadlift into a gorilla press and throws Aliyah into the turnbuckle, and hits a Burning Hammer-style facebuster move for the win

* NXT Champion Aleister Black comes out for a promo. Says Lars catching his leg as he went for the Black Mass rattled him, but at Chicago, Lars will Fade to Black. Lars interrupts, and charges the ring. They trade strikes, but Lars gets the advantage and hits two Freak Accidents. Lars then carries Aleister and the belt to the announce table, where he drapes Black over the top of it and poses over him with the title

* WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne retained over NXT Tag Team Champion Kyle O’Reilly in the main event. This was a great match. Some great technical wrestling to start. Kyle kicks Pete’s knee as he goes for the flip out of the corner. Pete with strikes. Pete lands on his feet off a suplex attempt, and hits a powerbomb for a pin attempt, but Kyle transitions into a triangle. Kyle with a brainbuster for 2. Kyle reverses Bitter End into a choke hold, that Pete powers out of into an sitout armbar. They trade strikes, and Pete nails a forearm on Kyle as he runs at him. Pete hits The Bitter End for the win. After the match, The Undisputed Era runs down and attack Pete, but Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch even the odds. Oney and Danny clear the ring and motion for the titles while staring down Undisputed Era

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