Stephanie McMahon On Being Both A Face and A Heel, Why She’s Not A Heel On Social Media

Stephanie McMahon

It’s hard being the villainous authority figure on television while being the corporate face of WWE, but Stephanie McMahon has worked out a nice balance.

Stephanie appeared on UPROXX’s McMahonsplaining podcast and talked about how she is a heel on television while being the corporate face of WWE. Stephanie said it hasn’t been smooth sailing trying to make the heel/face dynamic work, but she found a groove and now knows how to work as both a face and a heel.

“It’s called acting,” Stephanie said.

“I would like to think that’s not who I am in person, but I wear a bunch of hats. I have my performer hat where I am evil and then I have my business hat and I have my mom hat and that’s just who I am.

“Actually on social media, I tried to be both at the same time when I launched my channels. It didn’t work at all and it was very confusing to everybody and so I am just myself on social media and I am my character when I am on the show.”

This interview was conducted at WWE’s Mae Young Classic Red Carpet event in Las Vegas, Nevada. UPROXX also got interviews with Triple H, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Mauro Ranallo and Mae Young Classic competitors Mercedes Martinez and Candice LaRae. You can listen to the podcast here.